~~Debbies' Awards Page~~

Welcome to my awards page!! :-)
I am proud to have received these awards for my web pages. And I hope to be adding more, if i am privledge enough to receive more. Thanks to all my friends for visiting my pages!! You're all special to me. :-0!!!

My 1st Award! This was given to me by MistressJayde. Thanks..:-0!

My 2nd Award!! Given to me by beatle7.Thanks..:-0!

Award given to me by Stoner City. Thanks! :-0!

Stoner City-"please visit; kewl site"

My Yorkies Award!! "I'm so proud!" Given to me by Petsburgh. Thanks...:-0!

My Yorkies won 2nd Place in The Perky Pets Contest. I'm Proud of them. :-) Their Award! 8/99

Award given to me by Aninka's Little Addition. Thank you so much! :-)!

Award given to me by Rob's Motown Midis. Thank you so much! :-) ! 8/99

Award given to me by Ultimate Webtv Thanks! :-) 8/99

Weekly site award for my Halloween Page-9-6-99

Goddess of Pleasure's

"Guardian Angel"


•Web site excellence•

Award give to me byThe Heaven of Pleasure~Thanks:-) 10-29-99

My 1st award of 2000! Thanks to my special friend; Joe, for this lovely award! 1-04-2000

Award given to me by Pams Luvshack. Thanks Pam!~1-12-2000

Awarded to me by Operation Black Flag~I'm proud to be a member of this cause! 7/19/2000

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