~Haunted Campfire Stories~

The Girl Who Stood On The Grave

Some boys and girls were at a party one night. There was a graveyard down the street, and they were talking about how scary it was.
"Don't ever stand on a grave after dark", one of the boys said. "The person inside will grab you. He'll pull you under."
"That's not true," one of the girls said. "It's just a superstition."
"I'll give you a dollar if you stand on a grave," said the boy.
"A grave doesn't scare me," said the girl. "I'll do it right now."
The boy handed her his knife. "Stick this knife in one of the graves," he said. "Then we'll know you were there." The graveyard was filled with shadows and was as quiet as death. "There is nothing to be scared of," the girl told herself, but she was scared anyway.
She picked out a grave and stood on it. Then quickly she bent over and plunged the knife into the soil and started to leave. But she couldn't get away. Something was holding her back! She tried a second time to leave, but she couldn't move. She was filled with terror. "Something has got me!" she screamed, and she fell to the ground. When she didn't come back, the others went to look for her. They found her body sprawled across the grave. Without realizing it, she had plunged the knife through her skirt and had pinned it to the ground. It was only the knife that had held her. She had died of fright.

Backseat Maniac

There's a girl driving along I-70 on the way back to Colorado after visiting her relatives in Illinois. It's about 1:00 am and it starts raining when she realizes she's almost out of gas. She sees a sign for a gas station about 3 miles ahead and breaths a sigh of relief. But when she gets there she sees it's one of those old run down family-owned gas stations. She's scared to stop but she really has no other choice. As she pulls in an old man with a disfigured faces comes running through the rain. He puts the pump in the tank and asks for her credit card. She hands it to him over the top of the window and he runs back inside.
After a few seconds he comes back out and tells the girl she will have to come inside, her card has been denied. Reluctantly, she walks inside. The old man grabs her and tries to tell her something but she hits him with a can of oil sitting on the counter. She runs back to her car and takes off with the old man screaming and flailing his arms at her. After driving for a few miles she turns on the radio and starts to relax. As she looks in the rear-view mirror, she sees someone pop up in the back seat holding an axe above their head. It's the last thing she ever sees. Apparently, the old man at the gas station was trying to warn her.

The Hitchhiking Woman

Tom had just left a party and was driving down a dark road all by himself. It was about 12:30 at night and pouring down rain. He had only driven about 2 miles when he saw this faint figure walking on the side of the road. As he got closer he realized it was a young lady and she was wearing a long white dress. He pulled over and asked her if she would like a ride. She said she would and she hoped in the front seat. He noticed she was shivering from the rain so he took off his jacket and offered it to her. She draped the jacket over her shoulders and they started to talk about nothing in particular. When Tom pulled up to her house he turned to her to ask her something but she was gone. Puzzled, he thought maybe she had already ran into her house. The following day Tom realized the girl had left in such a rush that she forgot to give him back his jacket. He remembered where her house was and drove there since he did not have a phone number to call.
He knocked on the door and an older woman answered. Tom told her he was there to pick up his jacket that her daughter had from the night before. The woman looked at him strangely and told him he must have the wrong house. The man was sure this was the right place he dropped off the girl so he began to describe her and what she was wearing. The old lady was shaken and begin to cry. She explained that her only daughter died 10 years ago on Prom night and that the man had described her exactly. She said her daughter was buried up the road at Meadow Wood Cemetery. After Tom left the old lady's house he decided to go find the girls grave. There, laying on her headstone, was his jacket.

Some stories courtesy of Black Cat Cemetery

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