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For the Vampire Hunters

Over the ages, certain artifacts have gained a reputation amoung popular cultures as ways to ward off, or even kill, vampires. Here are a few that I have found.

Early mythological vampires did not always sleep in coffins. Up until the 19th century, only the very rich could afford coffins. Even up to the time of Dracula, fictional vampires did not always require coffins to slumber. All that was required was that the vampire rested in its native soil. However, the coffin has provided prefect targets for vampire hunters. The coffin also provides protection from sunlight which can damage or kill vampires.

The crucifix is a major symbol of the Christian Faith. Bram Stoker used the symbol as power against the vampire. He used the cross as symbolic representation of Christ and all that is holy. In Dracula, the crucifix drained the vampires strength. It could also burn the flesh, and leave a mark on the skin of anyone who had been bitten by a vampire.

Fire has long been considered an effective way to kill vampires. Fire has been used since pagan times as a ritual, cleansing, warmth, and defense. Many vampires have met their doom by this method.

Garlic has grown in esteem as a way to detect or ward off vampires. The traditional use is to stuff the vampires mouth with a head of garlic after the body has been decapitated. Other uses include hanging it around the neck or at the doorway to a home to ward off a vampire attack.

Staking a vampire has been one of the major methods of killing vampires for hundreds of years. Originally, it was used as a way of affixing the corspe within the ground.

Traditionally, sunlight was not thought to kill a vampire. In medievil times,vampires were thought to be able to walk around just as easily as humans during daylight. But in Dracula, Van Helsing notes that a vampire can walk around by day, although he is not as strong. However, modern films and novels have increasingly shown vampires are vulnerable to sunlight, perhaps even mortally so.

~With all this said~
This does not mean vampires aren't immune to sunlight; but if we live long enough and strong enough!
Or, that there are some who are immune to the effects of the cross and other religious symbols, because of being true secular vampires who were not associated with Satan and therefore were not affected by artifacts.
So just remember, when you feel that cool breeze brush against your neck at night~~~It might Not be the Wind!

Contest begins~Oct.29-Nov.2 2001


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