Debbies' Halloween Haunts
Survival Page #2

Come, little children, I'll take thee away,
Into a land of Enchantment.
Come, little children, the times come to play,
Here in my Garden of magick.
Vampyres are flying, up high in the night,
Showing the Cryptwars, we're willing to fight.
Come little children, don't be afraid,
warriors are winning their fights everyday.
Far beneath the earth, we keep out of sight,
Protecting ourselves, from the warm morning light.
Come little children, the time grows near,
Darkness approaches, and Vampyres are Feared!
Copyright © Countess Debbie 2000

Welcome to my Haunted Survival Page. I am a warrior of the Dark Vampyres. This is where I keep my cute & sometimes, Scarey, adopted creatures~ also my awards I have been honored to receive.
~Enjoy your stay!!~

Award given to my site by~Halloween In England~Thanks! ;-) 10/11/2000

Award given to me by Marsdust Halloween~Thanks! 10/14/2000

Award given to me by Homespundesign~Halloween~Thanks! ;-) 10/15/2000

Award given to me by NECBYTERS~Thanks! ;-) 10/18/2000

I'm a 3x winner of the Cryptwars, for Nov. 2000!
It was so much fun! And I'm honored to receive these great awards!...Thanks to All who helped me reach this goal!.;-)


~My Adopted Creatures~






I Was Adopted From the Werewolves 
Adoption Center!!


I adopted "Talbit" from the Werewolves Adoption Center on ("October 28 2000"). His most outstanding qualities are protection, companionship and brute strength.
                Werewolf Adoption Center

Adopt Your Own
  Werewolf Today!!
Werewolf Graphics drawn by Wes Jones of Crawling Chaos.


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