Deb ee' Hme

Through this castle is the home of my mystical faerie and her family, and lots of friends. My faerie is special, as are all faeries. Faeries are filled with magic and love.They are delicate creatures, that fly around in the day and night. They live in trees,on fallen leaves, and flowers...Wherever they can seek the safety and comfort they deserve.
Their hearts are like fine crystal, which can be shattered, yet they are so willing to give their all to you.
These little people are wonderful. No matter your size, there is something everyone can learn from you."Great things come in small packages!" Remember to be careful where we step. There's a whole other world beneath our feet, and the faeries trust us not to step on or hurt them.

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Prince Henry- Nicoel- James- Angelica

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Every faerie needs a place to rest themselves.

Where there's faerie dust; there's always the faeries chest of treasures.

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every faerie child needs a playhouse to play in.

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And at the end of thier busy little day. They need a place to rest thier tired little heads.

These are other friends of my faerie and very special to me.

HI! I'm Debbies' Birthday Faerie. I'm here to make sure all her birthdays are happy and full!

HI! I'm Debbies' Rainbow faerie. I make sure her life is filled with beautiful colors and magic moments!

HI! We're Debbies' Step Dancin Faeries. We love to dance, as does Debbie. So have fun!! DANCE!

We're Debbies' Sweetheart Faeries. We're here to fill her heart with happiness.

Angels is where I got all my faeries and graphics from. Please visit her site and maybe you to can have a faerie for your very own.

Bk Hm