This site above, belongs to my daughter. Only people with warped minds should go here!!! :-0! j/k

This site, I have to admit, is my favorite! Terry, who is a Dear friend of mine, has a great Beatles page. Everyone who enjoys the Beatles, should check this site out.

If you like the Beatles, This is a must see site! Enjoy! :-0!

This is the Homepage of the chat room I talk in.
Through this page you can link onto the room I chat in...:-0

"Draac's" is a great site to go learn HTMLs and to start your web pages...tons of gifs!!

Exactly what it says!!!

International Ghost Hunters Society

Good selection of music midis

Stoner City has ALOT!! From Htmls, Graphics, and Chat Ircs. Lots to see & enjoy!

Bruce's Small Banner

Bruces' Willing to Help site is a great place to have a banner made. Plus tons of other neat things to see. A Must site to check out!

Neat place to go to make all kinds of Fonts. Have fun!:-)

Bruce's Midi Place

Gifs To Go (music midis)

Draacs' HTML School

This can help you with learning Htmls

Beginners HTML

This site is for beginners learning htmls

HTML Testbed

You can use this testbed to try out your htmls before you link it to your page...

Victims Remembered, Inc.

This is a great dedication page. If you need any information on victim awareness. Go here! :-)

Hoks' Homepage

This page is my first homepage about myself.
So if you want to know alittle something about me, come on in and have a look..:-0

Chas1955 Webpage

One of my 40up chat friends. Chas is starting a good page with links to other webpages. Stop by and check out his site. :-0!

Aninka's Little Addition

This is a nice site for poems, E-Greetings and much more. You'll enjoy your stay here. :-0!

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