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The RMS Titanic set sail on her maiden voyage from South Hampton, England on April 10th 1912. On April 14th at 11:40pm, Titanic hit an iceberg. 2 hours later, on April 15th, the Titanic went down. The Titanic only had 20 lifeboats and there was 2,208 souls on board. Only 705 people survived!!

Irenes Pad

3-D Titanic

Titanic Paradise

Titanic Crazy

These next 6 links are dedicated to the real story about the Titanic..

RMS Titanic, Inc.

Remembering Titanic

Titanic Historical Society

TitanicScience Exhibit

These next 5 Links are for the fans of the Titanic movie...(I'm one of the fans..:-0!)

Ronalds Titanic Page

Titanic Pictorals

Kate Winslet & Titanic Fan Page

Totally dedicated to the film, Titanic

The Enchanted Titanic

V's Titanic Minishow

Sit back and relax...click above and enjoy the show..takes time to load..

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