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Welcome to my Home!
This page was built with a Web Tv Classic Unit.
This page is not just Links. You will find various subjects to many different pages. From Titanic to my Holiday Webpages. There is something here for everyone to enjoy.
In my Links page, there are many sites to visit.
Friends Homepages, HTML help, Music, and my Daughters Website; with her ODD imagination. If you like the darker side of the web, then visit her site.
Come back as often as you can, for I'll be updating as much as I can when new ideas pop into my head. So sit back...relax...and surf through my links. :-0!

South Park
POW/MIA Remembrance Page
Memorial Page for Vietnam Vets
Picture Page
Special Faeries
My Yorkies Page
Awards Page
Apply for my Award
Halloween Haunts
My Cryptwars Front Page
Winter Wonderland
Valentine Wishes
Easter Parade
St. Patrick Day Dreams

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