Debbies' Memorial Page

Please pause on this page for remembrance of all the men and women who have served for their country.
And please give a special pray for those who have died, were serverely wounded or who are still missing. ~~Thank You~~

This page is dedicated to the memory of my late husband, who served in Vietnam.
Richard S. Hoko Sr. { SP4~Army }
~He is finally Home~

Rich in 1965~ & ~Rich on the left, wearing the helmet with his buddy, Bill, by the Siagon River

What is a Veteran?

A veteran is a person who fell in love with their country--for better, for worse--for richer, for poorer--in sickness and in health.
A veteran is a person who is willing to lay down their life for the Statue of Liberty. So that her poor, her huddled masses, her homeless, her tempest tossed may breathe free and may enjoy life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
A veteran is a person who does what he/she must-- In spite of personal consequences--In spite of obstacles and dangers and pressures--for that is the basis for all human morality.
A veteran is one who gets a lump in the throat when he/she sees our beloved flag. One who will fight to protect our beautiful flag from those who dare to dishonor it.
A veteran is one who pays their taxes, willingly; serves their country, honorably; and cherishes their freedom, passionately.
A veteran is one well deserving of our appreciation, our love, and our prayers 365 days a year.

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A beautiful tribute to our service men & women.

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This is a very good site. Please visit; you'll come away knowing more about our Vietnam Vets.

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Samanthas'~Thank You Veterans

A wonderful site honoring out Veterans by banners made for them.
She has honored my husbands' memory with one...Thanks, Samantha..;-)

I was honored by this Award from Sandys' Tribute to Vietnam Vets~Thank You! 7/17/2000

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