Being a widow of a Vietnam Vet, and hearing the stories my husband told me of the battles that went on over in Vietnam and the loss of life, I can understand the meaning of " Bring our men home". I for one would not want to think that my country has forgotten me. And for the families of these missing men & women who have an unknowing feeling of whether their loved ones are alive.
I remember my husband once told me that fighting and the constant feeling of not knowing if it was your turn or not over there, was like living in hell. And that's probablly what our men and women that are missing are feeling now.
So, LETS BRING THEM HOME!!! Lets not give up the fight for their right to be back home on their native soil!!

Dain Vanderlin Scott
Rank/Branch:02/US Navy
Unit:Attack Squardron 196, USS Constellation
Date of Birth: Dec. 30 1941
Home City of Record:Gibsonia Pa.
Date of Loss: August 21 1967
Country of Loss: China
Loss Coordinates:213300N 1073200E (YJ519957)
Status(in 1973) Missing in Action
Category 2:
On August 21 1967, four aircraft launched from the USS Constellation with the assignment to strike the Duc Noi rail yard four miles north of Hanoi.
The route from the coast-in point was uneventful with the exception of some large weather cells building up. Further along their route, they received indications of launched Surface-to-air Missiles(SAMs) and observed bursting 85mm anti-aircraft fire. Two F105D aircrafts were shot down in the location of A-6 target.
The division leader was hit while in the target area and 2 good parachutes were observed. They were captured by the Vietnamese. Both men were released from captivity on March 15 1973.
The other 3 aircraft began their agress from the target. "SAMs" were in flight everywhere and the air crafts were maneuvering violently. a large weather cell seperated them from the coast which precluded their agress further north than planned. Lieutenant Commander Trembly and his BN, Dain V. Scott, saw the commanders plane being shot down and reported seeing 2 good parachutes. It was believed that Lt. Com. Trembly with Dain V. Scott onboard was shot down in the vicinity of the Chinese border. Its also believe that due to deteriorating weather and multitudes of "SAMs" their flight ultimately strayed well north of their planned agress track.
Their case was discussed with Chinese government bt the Congressmen, Hale Boggs & Gerald Ford, with very little information being obtained. Since the war ended, nearly 10,000 reports have been received relating to Americans missing in Southeast Asia. Many authorities believe their are hundreds who are still alive. Whether Trembly & Scott could be amoung them is not known. What seems certain, however, is that they have been abandoned for Political expediency.


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