Debbies' Adopted St. Patty Cuties

Welcome to the Home of my Adopted St. Patty Cuties!
I have found some adorable little ones and gave them a home where they can have fun with new friends.
If you'd like to adopt some of your own; click onto them and go to their 1st home. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!
~~Happy St. Patricks Day!~~

This is my adodpted St. Pattys Dragon, O'Neil. If you'd like one for your very own, click onto him to go and get one.

This is my Adopted Limited Edition St. Pattys Pixie. You can adopt one at EnchantedHollow Pixies.

This is my adopted St Patty Bean; Shawn. He is so cute! You can adopt one by clicking onto his certificate.

This is my cute adorable pixie; Mary. You can adopt one also by going to her 1st home.

These are my adpoted St. Patty Fairies; Patrick & Patty.

These are my St. Patty Spirits; Shawn & Sharon.

This is my St Pattys' Globe. You can adopt one from Sarinas'.

Looky what I won when I kissed the Blarney stone at Happy St. Patricks Day. "I feel special!" :-)
You can feel special too, by clicking onto the certificate and kissing the blarney stone.

My adopted Leprechaun Globe from Always Unique.

My Clover has grown and bloomed into a 3 leaf clover.

HAPPY St. Patrick's Day from The Site Fights
Send a St. Patrick's Day Clover

This is my adopted St Pattys globe from Fairy Ambrose. You can adopt one of these beautiful globes there.

This is my adopted St Pattys Fairy, Cindy, from Angel. You can adopt one by going to her 1st home.

These are my St Pattys Step Dancin Fairys; Patrick & Patty. You can adopt one at Angels.