~Debbies' St. Patricks Award~

Top O' the Mornin to ya!
If you'd like to apply for my Award, please Email me your sites URL, and let me know that you are applying for my St Pattys Award. Your site must NOT have pornography on it at all. It should be a friendly site suited for all to view.
Once you have Emailed me, I will go check out your site to see if I like it { I usually do :-) } and then send your Award your way. :-)
"May The Luck Of The Irish Be With You..."

Also on this page are some Awards that I was lucky to win for my St. Pattys Page. Thank You all so much for visiting my pages. :-)


Awards I have recieved. Thank You so much for this honor. :-)

Award given to me by Suzannes' Gif Shoppe~Thanks! 02/25/2000

Award given to me by Flowers~Thanks! :-) 03/05/2000

Award I won at Happy St. Patricks Day for finding the Pot O' Gold. Thanks! :-) 03/06/2000

Award given to me by Fairy Ambrose~Thanks! :-) 03/17/2000

Award given to me by Belinda Buckner~Thanks! ;-) 1/18/2001