Debbies' Yorkie Page

These 2 adorable yorkies are my babies.
Crystal & Joshua

Welcome to my Yorkie Page. I'm a proud owner of 2 adorable yorkies and if I was able to, I would have a bunch of them. These little dogs can capture your heart in seconds. They are very loyal and loving. With alittle tilt of their heads when you speak to them, can bring a smile to your face.
I have collected some links pretaining to these little ones. I hope you enjoy them. :-0!

~All about Yorkshire Terriers~

Yorkie Web Ring

Yorkshire Terrier Home Page

Lauras' Yorkie Information Center

Pets4You-Yorkshire Breeders

~The Yorkie Girls~

Tinker Toy Yorkshire Terrier Info.

American Kennel Club

Alex's Yorkie Care

Yorkie Medical Info.

My puppies got their 1st Award!!

My puppies won 2nd place in Perky Pets Contest. I'm proud to display their Award. :-)!


This site is great if you want to enter your pet in a contest or receive an award like my puppies did. Lots of neat things to surf thru!

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