Fact or Fiction?
~You decide!~

Ever since Feb. 1785, the town of Blair, known today as Burkittsville Maryland, has been cursed by an outcast witch, Elly Kedward.
In 1785, several children accused Elly of luring them into her house to draw blood from them.
Elly is found quilty of witchcraft and is banished from the village during a harsh winter and presumed dead.
By mid winter, all of Ellys' accusers and half the towns children vanished. Fearing a curse, the townspeople, flee Blair and vow never to utter Elly Kedwards' name again!
Since that time, several instances have occured.
*Aug.1825- 11 eyewitnesses testify to seeing a pale womans hand reach up and pull 10 year old Eileen Treacle into Tappy East Creek. Her body is never recovered.
*May 1886- 8 year old Robin Weaver, is reported missing. Search parties are dispatched. Although Weaver returns, 1 search party doesn't. Their bodies are found weeks later at Coffin Rock, tied together are the arms and legs and completely disembowled.
*Nov.1940-May 1941- 7 children are abducted from areas surrounding Burkittsville.
*May 25 1941- An old hermit, Rustin Parr, is arrested for abducting the children. In his house, secluded in the woods, the bodies of the 7 children are found in his cellar. Each child has been ritualistically murder and disembowled. Parr admits to the killings and said that he did it for an "old woman ghost", who occupied the woods near by. He's convicted and hanged.
*Now, it's Oct. 20, 1994, and 3 college students set out to do a project on the Blair Witch, and are never found.
Police search for 33,000 man hours before calling off the search.
On Oct. 16, 1995, students from the University of Maryland, found a duffle bag buried under the foundation of a 100 year-old cabin, containing the 3 missing students video tapes, video camera, and Heathers' Journal.
Now~~hence-forth, the movie is made, documenting they're ordeal. And to some--this film was the most frightingest movie they ever saw.
As for me...I expected a more "natural" type scare...but it didn't happen. While everyone around me was jumping and gasping..I just sat and watched the movie..I didn't feel the adrenalin pumping as my co-movie go'ers did.
Now- don't get me wrong--I enjoyed the movie--but...now here's where the fiction comes in.
I have not found "anything" on the "real" people from this story. Everything is on the actors, portraying the people, and the movie. There isn't any pictures of the "real people" only the actors. And according to later interviews with Burkittsville residents, "none" of them believe this to be real. They say there's never been a town called Blair, no college students were ever there, and there's no Black Hills Forest, which is where this was to take place.
Is it the towns people don't want the pubilicty and aren't revealing the truth. Or is it all a hoax, from an ingenious film maker?
All in all--this movie will become one of our "Cult Classics."

You can see more on The Blair Witch project by going to the site I have listed here.

The Blair Witch Project