Welcome my ghostly friends, to my Halloween Awards!
Thank you one and all for visiting my Haunted pages.
I hope you enjoyed your visit while here.

Jaydes' Cemetery Weekly Site Award
given to me for week of 9/6-9/12 1999

Halloween On-Line Award-9/7/99

Halloween Online

Caverns of Blood Award-9/7/99

Chris & Mals Domain Award-9/12/99

Evil Tools' Award-9/25/99

Haunting Memories gave me this award, and I'm proud to have recieved this special award. 10-9-99

Jeannes' Happy Halloween Award-10/9/99 Thanks :-)

Jangler~Shades of Night Award-10/12/99

Macabre Manor Award-10/14/99

Freddys' Nightmare Award-10/18/99

Janets Halloween Award-10/21/99

Award given to me by MichyLand's Halloween~Thanks! 11/03/99

Award given to me by Dark Shadow~Thanks! 11/10/99

What a surprise! This Fright Night Award was given to me by Wes & Snow for an excellent site. Thank You! :-) 11/21/99

Award given to me by Night Blossom~Thanks! 11/27/99

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