Ahhhhh...My children! You've come to learn spells of fright!
Of Love and protection on this eerie night....
My Cauldran will be brewing spells & charms..
But believe me, my children....
They can do "you" no harm...


To Bind a Lover to You

Take a small mirror which your lover has looked into. Without looking into the mirror,break it into small pieces.
Bury the broken mirror in your yard or in a flower pot you keep in your home.
Every Friday, sprinkle the spot with a tea made from Spikenard Herb while repeating the name of your lover.

To Cause your Enemy to Leave

Take a small jar. Write your enemy's name nine times on a piece of paper and put this in the jar.
Fill the jar with Four Thieves Vinegar and throw it into a river.

To Overcome An Enemy

Take a brown candle and write your enemy's name three times on it. Place it in a bowl filled with brown sugar. Light the candle and affirm;
"Your hostility, I'll overcome.
In nine days, your friendship is mine." Do this before you go to bed.
Allow the candle to burn itself out while you sleep. In the morning take what is left
of the candle wax and the brown sugar and throw it in your enemy's yard.
Do this for nine consecutive days without fail.


The type of lamp used to make these magick lamps is the hurricane or kerosene lamp. Magick Lamps are made for many purposes.
The basic fuel used is a blend of castor oil, olive oil, & kerosene.
2/3 kerosene-1/3 oil mixture.

The Love Lamp

To your basic fuel add the following:
one bottle of Love Oil, five herbs associated with love or four herbs and some five=finger grass. Use a prayer to Saint Anne.

The Justice Lamp

Good for court cases and legal matters. Add the following:
Galangal root, yellow dock, snake root, carnation, and five-finger grass,
one bottle of Friendly Judge Oil. say a prayer to St. Basil.

The Success Lamp

To this lamp add the following; one bottle of Success Oil
and five herbs associated with success, or four herbs and five-finger grass.
A prayer to St. Anthony is used.

The Protection Lamp

Add one bottle of Protection Oil and five herbs of protective qualities or four herbs
and five-finger grass. Pray to the Guardian Angel, St. Michael, or St Barbara.

The Peaceful Home Lamp

Add Baume du commandeur, one bottle of Peaceful Home Oil, passion flower, honey, mistletoe,
jasmine flowers, orris root, and John the Conqueror root. Ask St Raymond for his assistance.
He is the one to pray to as you make your desire known.