~My Adopted Cuties~

Welcome to my Adopted Cuties page.
I just fell in love with these little creatures, and I had to adopt them. So I made their own special page for them. "You see; they love being pampered! If you'd like to adopt some special Cuties, just click onto them and you'll go to their adoption home. Have fun!!!!

HI! I'm Chrisy..Debbies' adopted Xmas Dragon. Don't I look cute all decorated for Christmas. Only thing is.. I think my tail's alittle to close to that light socket! :-)


HI Y'all! I'm Debbies' New Year 2000 Baby! And I'm really thristy! But, I have nothing to drink, so I'll just keep sucking my thumb till someone gives me a bottle.
{I just love this one...he's sooo cute!!}


Hi!..I'm Debbies' Xmas adopted globekitty! I just love it here. So peaceful and quite. "purrrr"


Hi!..I'm Noel and I'm Debbies' Xmas Angel! I love being here with all my new friends! I will watch over and protect all of them. :-)


This is my adopted Xmas Faiere. Her name is Jewel. And she'd love for you to adopt a faiere of your own. Click on her to go to Angels.


My site fight Stocking of 1999 has a present in it. And she's so cute. Presents are fun!

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~Xmas Tree Site Fight~1999~
My tree is finish. And it grew so much! It was kinda fun to watch it grow. :-)

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I am a Guardian of this little Angel, Samantha.
If you'd like to become a Guardian for alittle one, please click onto the banner.
And to read the story on Samantha, click onto the angel.:-)


I love Yorkies and seeing how I own 2, I think it's only right to have my cute globe yorkie for xmas..;-)

My Fantasy Fights Presents 2000!

Fantasy Fights Present
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Fantasy Fights Present
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